does my girlfriend still love me? does she still care or does she really mean what she said?

if a girl tells you she loves you but wants a break, does that mean she slowly wants to break it off with your that she really needs a break and loves you?
im confused because after a year and half into our relationship weve been fighting alot, she told me shes been getting weaker and weaker and she cant put up with the fighting.. im willing to be with her no matter what and im just wondering why cant she do that for me. previously shes always told me she cares, she loves me so much, she would do anything for me but now i feel like it was all lie if she cant do it for me now. i no shes hurt after all the fighting but what should i do? when a girl tells you she loves you does that mean she really does or do girls just throw it around, i really want to no. whats some good positive advice?
By Andrew 15 years ago :: Dating
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