Why would he try to make me out to be a bad person and then tell me how much he misses me?

Recently my boyfriend had his sister come and stay with him and I noticed that his attitude changed quite frequently on the phone while she was there.
Generally, within only minutes of talking he would ask why I seemed to shitty.. yet, I was in no way shitty, annoyed or pissed off but he kept insisting that I was! The convo would go something like this:

Him: Hun why are you so shitty with me?

Me: (surprised by this) Im not shitty babe, what do you mean?

Him: Well you sound pretty shitty to me, whats wrong? Why are you mad at me?

Me: Babe, im not shitty at all, Im not mad at you & nothing is wrong!!

Him: Well it certainly sounds like you are, why are you shitty babe? what have I done wrong? Why cant u just talk to me? Im your boyfriend you are supposed to be able to tell me whats wrong! It hurts me that you wont talk to me!

Me: BABE - Im not angry, im not mad, I dont understand why you are saying these things - if something was wrong I would tell you!! Why are u insisting that something is wrong??

He did this a few times and after a while I asked him why he was doing it.
And why he was doing it in front of his sister over the phone. I told him (and he knows) that if something was wrong I would tell him.
It came out of the blue and he just wouldn't let up - making me sound like a total bitch to whoever was listening around him.

I asked him why he was saying that stuff in front of his sister and her friend when clearly nothing was wrong, I told him that it made me feel like he was making me out to be a bad person when absolutely nothing was wrong.

He told me that I was being paranoid and that it shouldnt matter what other people think when we are speaking. Valid point about what other people think, I accept it. However, it was only ever when she was around that he would do this and then when she wasnt around he would tell me he was just kidding or he'd just go back to normal.

Is he - or better yet - why is he trying to make me sound like an awful bitch on the phone while his sister is around?

On other days, when she was there, he would tell me how much he missed me and cant wait to see me and just wants me to be there with him..

What's he playing at? Its a bit of a head f*&k - is it not??
By SkyHighCrew 15 years ago :: Dating
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