Not a question...a warning.

To all those posting comments/advice - if your intention is to cause trouble, defame, or just create negative response without ever giving back helpful, positive thoughts you will be banned.

This is not a notice to censor what's posted; it's more about helping. The point of this site is brutal truth but please try to put yourself in a position of a bleeding heart that may or may not be on the edge about their posted question. We are not here to give anyone a push in the wrong direction.

Some questions are outright ridiculous and probably should be addressed as such. But others that seem sincere in their asking should at least be sincerely respected enough not to receive OFF-TOPIC bashing.

So, anyone wishing to continue these practices will simply be banned.

But, not to limit this warning to the aforementioned, this notice also goes out to the members posting questions. Please explain your entire situation. Do not leave out details directly relating to your plight. If you are detailed, update your question with new information as posed by the people commenting, and are forthcoming with as much information as needed for one to provide (or attempt) an accurate solution to your problem, you will give someone less of a chance to exploit your question in a heartless fashion.

Please, for goodness sake, use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If you want proper responses, you are more likely to get them this way. If English is not your native language, elude to that before you explain your question. If it is your native language, please take the time to use the tools provided.

Again, SideTaker is anonymous for two reasons. The first is to allow people to ask questions and get advice on topics they'd rather not discuss in person with people they know. The second is for brutal truth. So, relate SideTaker to a kitchen. If it gets too hot for you, please get out. No harm no foul.

Using this site you should be reminded of Jack Nicholson in 'A Few Good Men.'

"You want answers?"
"I think I'm entitled to them."
"You want answers!?!"
By sidetaker 15 years ago :: General
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