Would I be a fool take him back?

I was with my ex for almost 3 years and we broke up a year ago (Dec-08). Neither of us cheated or lied or really did anything major that would lead to a break up - out of nowhere he just decided that he was sick of the little things we argued about and thought it would be easier to just walk away.

4 months later (April-09) he contacted me because I still had some documents of his in safe keeping from when we were together. He also confessed that he was still in love with me and wanted to make things right. I didn't really buy it because he was just fresh out of a "fling" with someone and I couldn't take the risk of getting hurt like that again just because he didn't want to be alone. I just didn't trust him.

He contacted me again after 3 months (July-09) asked how I was, apologised for all the drama and hoped that we could stay in touch and eventually become friends. After spending time with him it was clear that we couldn't be just friends - we would hold hands, kiss and cuddle - just how we did when we were together. And it wasn't just out of habit or because it was familiar, but we still truly loved each other. I guess it felt right and he told me he never stopped loving me. And so we agreed to just start seeing each other again, talk and sort things out and see how it goes.

Things went really well for a few months until he had to deal with a family crisis in which he totally shut me out. In 5 weeks or so, I think I heard from him once, where he explained everything and promised that when things had settled with his family, that we would get together and pick up where we left off - so to speak. Fair enough it's a family issue, none of my business and there's not much I could do to help but be there for him, so I wasn't going to push it but is this a taste of things to come in the future? Can he not handle more than one thing to deal with at a time? He didn't have to completely shut me out like that. I would have totally understood and supported him if he had just been up front with me in the first place instead of avoiding me for so long.

I guess my question is after all that's happened, would I be a fool to take him back? I know I want to be with him and the only mistrust in our relationship was when he left me, so it could work out if we put the effort into it. I just don't want to give up and say no because it's easier only to ask myself "what if" later down the track.
By jellybean 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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