What to do ? not sure

Hi everyone

Me and my Girlfriend have been going out for 4 years now. We seem to fight alot lately, but we know we still love each other. I love her so much and have different views to what she has. She doesn't invlove me in her decision making sometimes, and it hurts alot with what she says to me. I'm actually prepared to take the next step woth her, but what do i do if she keeps firing up like this and says hurtful things. Not once have i ever done or said anything hurtful to her...

It doesn't take much at all for her to go into a rage of anger and say some very hurtful things. For example i will give a recent small tiny tiff and get your oponion.

About a week ago i was in the shower and she was using the mirror for make-up. I asked if she could pass my tooth brush she then got angry because i didn't get it myself, i replied you get angry at me if i put a little bit of water on the floor, so she said yeah well who cares just get it. Then a couple days ago i was in the shower again and she was using the mirror again. I got out quickly to get my tooth brush, and then she started screaming at me abusively again. it's like no matter what i do i can't pls her. This is the just one of the many arguments we have.

The most recent one is. She has started at a gym, and that's fine with me by all means. At the start of it she wanted me to come, and i was planning to do it with her because i really wanted to train with her... Untill just recently i find out that she has signed up for a year of it with them taking $20 a week out of her account that's over a $1000 a year, a contract that she can't get out of. We ourselves are on a tight budget with other repayments... I strongly feel that she should have discussed this with me because now i can't join in case something happens in that year, for example one of us has an accident, and the gym takes money out when we can't afford it.. Anyway now i said well can you shop around before you finish the cooling off period so that i can find somewhere without a contract and then i can train with you... This got blown up way out of proportion like nearly everything that happens with us does. Now iv'e got her saying she is thinking of going back to her home town to live, she does this alot and i really think it's because she knows that is what works on me to shut up because i get so scared of her leaving that i'll do anything for her. I think this is very unfair, in my oponion a relationship means you should do things like this and talk about desicions together, because it effects both of us... Am i asking for too much.

Another thing is my family, she says some very mean things about my family alot, and i just sit here and take it. My family is a close family and my grandmother is sick at the moment and she gets angry easy from the sickness, especially when people don't appreciate the things she does, anyway all my family ever tries to do is help us. i had my girlfriend living with us for a year before we moved out and she didn't have to pay rent or power or food.

But there has been a few times that my granma has said some things to my girlfriend that shouldn't have been said. Now my grandma can't stay here for a couple of days because i am scared that my girlfriend will leave me like she says she will...

Anway i think that if my girlfreind loves me as much as she says she does, why can't she accept my family for who they are... I have accepted her family for the way they are, but why can't she do this for me, it is very important. Is it true that love is meant to over rule everything..

Pls help, but pls don't give me negative comments. I am already dealing with alot in my life at the moment.

sorry for the big write up..
By SGT_GUNNER 15 years ago :: Dating
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