Am I being unreasonable?

I would like to know if I am being unreasonable in the way I feel or if I have grounds to have such trust issues right now.

I am in a long distance relationship - which is hard enough as it is!

My partner and I have been together now for several months, but during this time I found out the first two times we were together he had had a girlfriend.

I was not aware of this at the time - obviously. I would never get involved with someone if I knew they had a partner themselves. These were two seperate times, months apart. Months after that we started dating. And this is when I found out.

He doesnt call when he say he will, he doesnt always answer, his phone is turned off at night - he claims its because his c-rappy phone wont charge properly when its on and that he falls asleep before he remembers to turn it back on to call me.

Ive told him that I dont ask for much - just that he calls when he says he will.
He apologies the next day for not calling if I question him about it - but its always one of the same excuses, I fell asleep, my phone died, I was buzzed and passed out when I got home - blah blah blah..

He knows it upsets me - telephone communication is our ONLY way to communicate given that we live so far away - he apologises but it doesnt seem to make him make any more of an effort to contact me when he says he will.

He has cheated in the past - so my question really is, is it unreasonable for me to have these trust issues or should I give him the benefit of the doubt and not let his past actions interfere with our relationship.

Im asking because I know if I tell him how I feel - he will tell me that it was his past and that it shouldnt make a difference to us.

But I cant help the way I feel - I want so much to tell him, to be honest and to work through this - but chances are he will blow up in my face about it and turn it all back on me, making it my fault - like he usually manages to do with anything.

Please help!
By SkyHighCrew 13 years ago :: Dating
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