What to do about brother reneging on house cleaning arrangement?

My brother and I live in the same house on separate floors. He wanted a cleaning woman so I decided to hire her also. The three of us agreed she would come twice a month and work 3 hours on his floor, and 3 hours on my floor each time, and my brother and I would give her $50 each for a total of $100 to do both floors on the same visit, and get done whatever she could, and then continue coming every other week. She came once in early November and it worked out fine, she called and wanted to come tomorrow (she canceled an earlier appt.)and I told her that would be great. When I told my brother, he said he already cleaned his house (even though he knew she would be coming this week), and I should only get her for my house! That would mean I would be paying her $100.00 to clean my house for 6 hours
added to the $50 a gave her earlier this month (totaling $150.00 and my brother would only have paid $50.00 for her last visit).

Even though my brother surface cleaned his house, all his windows need cleaning (they haven't been cleaned in 4 years), corners need to be dusted, walls washed, steps swept, drapes washed, etc, and when I was explaining this to him, he slammed his door in my face and didn't want to discuss it.

I am furious him for reneging on his part of our agreement, I don't feel like talking to him any longer or spending any holiday time with him. My Mom (she lives with me) is so upset about this, she got physically ill today all the arguing and aggravation. I could get the cleaning woman once a month and pay her $100, but that doesn't work out as well as the alternate week arrangement we had, until my brother screwed it up.

I called the cleaning woman, left a voice mail and canceled her visit, telling her there is a problem with my brother and she should speak to him about it!

The cleaning woman was supposed to help Mom and I out, since she is 80 years old and I am disabled. I feel like he betrayed us over a lousy 50 bucks,
just Christmas dinner is costing Mom and I $250,00 and we didn't ask him to chip in. and plenty of other money is spent on him and his children by us also.
I really don't want to talk to him any longer and Mom is upset saying we can't live in the same house and not talk to him.

By jeena 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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