how do i? is it possible? is this normal?

ive been with my girlfriend for a very long time. im not as teenager, im 25 years old. ive had many girlfriends in the past but none of them have been for me. this one i beleive is the one for me and i just cant seem to let her go no matter what happens.
ive just recently about 2 months ago went away for a career job and it wasnt what i expected and what i wanted, i came back home because i couldnt take it up there (lifestyle etc)
me and my girlfriend messaged alot, called each other alot and we told each other we love each other which was clear for the start anyway... i never left forever i only left for 3 weeks!

what my problem is that ever since ive been back because shes now got a full time job shes talked to alot of boys.. boys i dont like and guys in general that she never used to speak to you. it isent a problem that she speaks to guys so and so just the fact that she doesnt care as much as she used to, shes told me over a thousand times that no matter what she'll love me, she doesnt give guys attention, she'll stop talking to the guys i dont like when i tell her not to, if something hurts me she used to always just stop and we've never had a problem because it was like that with me too, when she didnt like something id stop too!

anyway, now all of a sudden it seems like more guys talk to her, i trust her that she wont do anything but how she acts makes me feel ensecure. ive noticed she loves the attention from other boys alot and she cares alot about how she looks! she doesnt realise but even when shes with me she always tends to look over her shoulder and check out guys.. i just never say anything, im just wondering what she does when im not there

she just recently signed up at a gym that she cant even afford! and shes been once and she tells me how all these boys have talked to her, i mean thats not a problem, the problem is that we never used to have this problem.. im thinking maybe she smiles back when guys check her out? or gives them a reason to check her out because to me she looks axactly the same! im very worried and ensecure because shes all of a sudden changed and loves the attention of other guys! it really bugs me because ive never done that to her!

i mean everyone loves the attention but when you got a girlfriend you have to be faithful and im sure my girlfriend is more important then getting attention from other girls.

i no this is side taker but im after some positive advice. what can i do to make her care about me more and focus on me more instead of always looking out for her self, been inlove with her phone all the time and constantly telling me new stories every day about how some guy said that or some guy did that (not sexually) but in general.

im finding it really hard to trust her right now and i want some help with this. is it normal for a girl who has told me she loves me, hates attention from guys out of no where to change? she doesnt no how i feel because every time i tell her something how i feel about something she gets really angry and turns it on me and brings up the past about how i did something wrong.. i just want to tell her how i feel and for her to just accept a little request that i ask for, i mean is it too much to ask for a little bit of respect ?

is there anything i can say to her that can maybe help the situation?
please help
By Andrew 15 years ago :: Dating
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