im confused, what do i do? i cant take it anymore. how do i get over this girl?

recently me and my girlfriend have been having alot of problems, if i was to go on talking about our problems and what has happend id be talking forever!
what i really want to no is how i can get over her because ive finally realised i cant make out relationship any better! ive tried everything to make things work and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING, ive tried my best to do things for her, stop things she doesnt like, be there for her, ive just in general literally tried my best with her and over everything it has all turned out to be like i was rubbish. we were recently on a 2 week break and about 4 days ago she took me back, firday and saturday we had the best nights together and everything was normal.. she acted like she usualy did and we both decided that the break was what we needed..... (even her mum and sister said it was heaps cute)

then last night we got into abit of an argument over nothing, she told me something before i left that i didnt like (that kind of hurt me). i miss interpreted what she had to say and when i got home she msged me "are you okay baby you didnt seem yourself tonight" everything was fine just there was certain things that really hurt me and i wanted to show my emotions but i new i was going to push her away.. eventually i told her about how i didnt like something to do with other guys..

anyway she got all grumpy with me & told me that she doesnt want to have this conversation basically meaning she isent wrong, meanwhile she got over it and went to bed with a message saying "goodnight love you".. next morning which was this morning she messaged me saying "hey baby hope you had a good sleep, hope you have a good day too, i just go to work and just thought id tell you i love you very much"

anyway the day continued everything was normal, and i was meant to pick her up not after work but after she had finished gym. she told me she was going to be about 2 hours, 3 hours pass and she wrote me this message
- "dont worry about picking me up i just need space tonight and we need to have a talk a serious one. i have been thinking alot since last night and yeah we need to talk"

so i decided to ring her up straight away because i new something was up, wont mention what was said because its way too long but over all she broke up with me, telling me she cant do it anymore after having such a great weekend!
she just simply said "bottom line i just cant do it anymore, i just dont feel the same anymore" after i just tried my hardest to make our relationship work!
every time i proved her wrong about something or simply just said something and she new i was right she would use some sort of excuse and go look at our past and say something i did wrong a long time ago! this is pathetic i realised because i have been trying so hard and letting her go all the time, letting her do what she wants but now ive had enough! she broke up with me and im never going to be able to take her back..

my problem is - is there something i can do that could help me get over this girl? im sick and tired of being hurt and ive finally decided to move on! i have to but i dont know how to? i dont want to get with random sluts either, is there anyway i could get over this girl?
or is there any chance i could find someone better or am i going to be feeling this useless forever :(

any positive advice? this really hurts and i cant take been put in this maddness anymore. ive got a whole life ahead of me and im letting it all go down the drain because of one girl, please help me i need good advice, what could i do to get over her? shes basically ruining my life and im so thankful that ive finally realised it..

how can i get over her, please help or what can i do?
By Andrew 15 years ago :: Dating
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