Was I wrong, or is he mad for nothing?

I've been dating this guy for about a year. We have had trust issues in the past. I'm pregnant with his baby, so we are trying to "work things out." Every Monday and Tuesday my mom comes to my house and watches my other kids, so I can go over there by myself. Last night I went there late, and when I called he didn't answer. I figured he was asleep (which was what happened), but went anyway. I knocked on his door for almost an hour (he doesn't live close). So I slipped the window open and unlocked the door. I yelled from the door to wake up. When he finally did he asked me how I got in and I told him. I have opened the door like this once before when we argued that he wasn't to happy about. Now he won't answer my texts or calls which means he is mad at me. I'm over there basically everyday, so don't think I just popped up!
By mistiza253 15 years ago :: Dating
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