Am I wrong to move myself and kids into my Mothers house?

My husband is the bread winner and I stay home with our 4 kids-the youngest are 3 yr old twins. I homeschool. He has lost interest in his job(he is self emplyed) over the past few years and spends most of his time on his hobbies and volunteer work and our income has dwindled. We are now going to lose our home. My mother would like us to move into her house, her husband died a year ago and she lives in a 10,000 square foot home just a few miles from us. She is very wealthy and doesn't like living alone. My husband wants to move us into an apartment. I don't want to cram 4 kids into a crummy apartment-especially since they are home all the time.
Am I wrong to move myself and kids in with my Mom. Husband is also invited but he says no way.
By spin 15 years ago :: Marriage
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