What do I do about this Mom across the hall?????

I feel so bad for this kid that lives across the hall from me. I live in an apartment and I was on the computer in my living room the other day. I heard loud screaming then crying. The Mom across the hall had her door wide open and was yelling " You lazy son of a b%^ch mother f^&cking b@astard! You're a sorry m@ther f&cking piece of sh&t! Then she said get your @ss out of here and shoved this boy out of the door. He was crying his eyes out! She left right behind him. His nose and eyes were red from crying. This kid is in middle school so he should be around 13 I guess if that old. He has younger siblings too. I think they are left alone sometimes. I don't have proof...I can't see in their home and I've never asked. When they see Mom coming they all run their little legs off to get inside. They seem so afraid of her. She is so mean to these kids. Hearing that brought back memories of my childhood. What can I do to help these kids? Would I be sticking my nose where it doesn't belong? People are so crazy these days..I'm afraid if I say something she may try to come at me. i know I fuss at my kids when they do wrong but never like that. That's verbal abuse to me. The poor kid will be messed up because of this.
By Lowalker 15 years ago :: Neighbors
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