Should he help me with garage sale?

He does not want to help me with garage sale! The arguement started when I asked him to please ask his parents to watch our twin girls overnight so we would finish better with his help. Both our parents love watching the babies and that is not the problem. Anyway he tells me no, that he would rather sleep in with the babies and not help, then proceeds to tell me its 'my" garage sale, not hi. Which in my opinion, when you have a family everybody helps out and pitches in. I mean c'mon people. A garage sale is a lot of work. In my opinion he really lacks common sense, I always have to tell him simple things that he naturally should know, but doesn't. We ended up in a yelling match, I had my mom pick me up with the babies he decided to call his parents to ask if the babies could stay over all too late. By that time I was literally loosing my cool and has already decided that it was getting real ugly, and plus who wants to make someone feel that they have to help anyway? He stuck to his guns and wouldn't take anything back even after calling me a b****. (I really think that name calling is horrible and immature and out of anger, I alwats go around it). I did the best I could explaining this and need help because maybe he will understand he is wrong if some of u are honest. One thing you should know is that he never puts forth effort in doing anything. He is a good dad in the way that he provides us with a nice house, food in shelter, but a bad dad when it comes to making sense and only seeing things the way he thinks is right.
By hatebreeder7 15 years ago :: Marriage
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