Males opinion needed - URGENTLY!!

My best friend is of the opposite sex and we have been close for YEARS.
We know everything there is to know about each other.

To cut a long story short - whenever they are unhappy in a relationship they seem to become a little flirty with me - this is my way of knowing that they aren't okay with where they are at. And from there I get them to open up and do something about it to get them back to where they should be.

Whilst catching up a little while ago with a group of friends - we were chatting about sex dreams and what not - group conversation - close friends of both sexes - All good.

A few nights later my best friend sent me a picture (wink wink) of them self with 'Sweet Dreams' at the end. I laughed it off and took the hint that they're not happy again.

A few days after that we caught up at a party and we had all been drinking, when they started to get a little up close and personal when no one was in the same area. This then turned into a few sneaky touches here and there even when their partner had returned to the area.

The flirty stuff - I know that well.. its the sign to say they are not happy.
The pictures - I know that too - perhaps they dont feel sexually valued with their partner and feel comfortable sending them to me as a best friend.

But what's the story about the touchy feely stuff.. does this mean they have feelings for me?

I love my best friend dearly, they are an amazing person and without them id be lost. And to be honest it would almost be too easy to fall IN love with them given how close we have been for so long. Both sides of family and friends over the years have asked why we are not together and its always just been, because we are best friends.

Now im starting to wonder - Can you give any insight please?!
By MaybeThisTime 15 years ago :: Dating
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