is it my fault or not? this sucks

In college, I have this teacher who is really weird. Before anything, let me introduce you myself as a student in class.

- I'm a good listener
-I love asking questions, A LOT until i fully understand what the hell is going on in class

This teacher :-
- does not really bother answering my questions
-he thinks my questions are not relevant or are too deep / not in syllabus etc.
ignores me in class because i love asking questions. he brushes me off when i ask questions.
-loves picking on students who do not do well in his exams
-very sensitive.

the story : -

This year, when i started college, my first class was his class. he laughed a lot. as the weeks went by, we learned more and more, and things started to get a little more difficult to understand in class

Being who I am, I love to ask questions until i understand what's going on. Now, I'm not a dumb ass who asks stupid questions, but i believe that I ask relevant and logical and good questions considering the fact that my high school teachers have been faithfully answering my questions when i do not understand.

This teacher now, however, believes that i should 'use my brain' to 'think' and not ask. he wants me to think myself. but the thing is, some things are meant to be explained by my teacher.

In August, I asked for a transfer of class, and my request got rejected. the teacher found out and to this day, has been ignoring me in class. He keeps talking bad about me indirectly in class. He came to a conclusion that I only 'want answers' and am 'lazy to think' and im 'not interested in my studies.' he said that to the whole class, indirectly pointing that i was 'causing problems.' once he even resorted to changing his techniques in teaching because 'someone in this class does not want me to let you think and only wants me to give answers.' this caused the class to go against me.

This humiliates me.

What should i do? who is in the right?
By James2121 15 years ago :: Friends
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