Should I give up on her after 12 years?

I have been married for 12 years, I have two girls and a great job and a second job to pay off credit cards, in June my wife asked me over the phone for a divorce. She was visting her family and friends in another state at that time. She said that she has many issuse with me and has fallen out of love with me. She said that there is no other guy and that she was just unhappy. She is not from a divorced family but I am. I lived that dredded divorced family weck life and do not want it for my children. I still love her very much and it is now December, we still do everything togeher execpt the stuff in bed. The kids do not know anything yet. I just asked her a day ago if there was any spark for us and she started to cry because there is none. She wants to move to the other state to be closer with her friends and family in June.
By abc_c 14 years ago :: Marriage
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