My husband really hurt my feelings last night, what would you do in this situation?

My husband and I usually have an amazing relationship, but once in a while he will put his foot in his mouth so bad or will do something that just makes me cringe. Like when I was 1 week away from giving birth to HIS child, he walked in from shopping and said, "Man, every hot chick on the planet was out today, it took all of my strength not to whack off all over the place!" Ummm...not cool.

Anyways, now that you get what I mean, last night hubby and I had friends over and he started talking about how hot certain porn stars were (we don't do porn in our relationship, it has been this way from day 1 due to our religious views).

Then he saw a Carrie Underwood special on TV and said that she was hot while changing the channel to watch it. I was in the middle of a conversation w/ my friend and he rudely turned the TV up higher and higher until I had to cut what I was saying off in mid sentence.

Then he proceeded to tell a story about how this hot pregnant chick at his work was complaining that she can't find a good man. I guess he told her it's because the guys she usually likes are good looking and mean and then told her that she needs to find an ugly nice guy. He said that she replied, "But you already have a girlfriend...." NOT okay, and I'm not JUST his girlfriend, I'm his wife and the mother of his child!!

To top the night off I found out that he has been getting into my Facebook account somehow and going through all of my crap. He even admitted to leaving comments on my friends pictures and stuff (sometimes the comments weren't that nice) under MY name!!

My sex drive hasn't been the highest lately, and I had kind-of promised that I'd fool around with him last night, but all of that crap killed what little sex drive I had left. What would you do about that whole situation?
By xoxo 15 years ago :: Marriage
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