Who's right? Who's wrong? What should I do? I'm deeply hurt..

This matter has been since a long time ago.
Well, me n my gf had a great relationship..n there are times when she got approached by a guy, her classmate.
N that guy 's definitely a playboy..I always know what he wants from my gf. There's once I caught his eyes n his body trying to go into "action" which I consider too over.
We are having problems back then..we quarreled, n most of the times is becoz of that jerk. He was like constantly approaching my gf..I maybe have been paying much attention to her..n she wants attention n care..she is kind..very kind n sometimes too kind..
I dunno what that jerk said to her..but she believed her..once we broke up...n reunited again...but the next 2 days after we reunited..we broke up again. N the reasons were ridiculous..
Since then the jerk knew we broke up..n he started aggresively..apporaching her..giving her attention she wanted..but one thing for sure..he did this all the time...he did to the girls.get what he wants..then leave the girl. This time he convinced the girl."I'm changing this time, for u"
Girls are easily blown away by these words.n she did..she believed this jerk and I know he was lying..he made up his past time stories n did other things to show he was an attentive person.n has clearly changed.
I once got my eyes on that jerk staring at somewhere else. At her body when she wasn't paying attention..I had seen it several times..
I told the girl so many times she was cheated and she still wouldn't believe me...how can I do to make her realize?I got into quarrel sometimes talking about this..
N I think she consider me as a jerk to keep talking about this stuff..n whatever I told her, however hurt I am..she listens sometimes..but words can be so powerful..she was then blown away by that jerk's beautiful words.
She didn't reply my msg now...n I think she believed that jerk..though I told her so many times..I'm deeply hurt and she did so many things to give him a chance..n not me..she never gave me the chance..I feel depressed and hurt.what am I supposed to do?please help sidetakers..
By lynx 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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