It's our one year :-) What do I do that can be really special?

Ok... Kinda tough situation here... I'm 15, my girlfriend is 16. I'm trying to make our one year very special because we don't get to see each other very often. We're currently involved in a long distance relationship because she was sent to boarding school about 8 months after we started dating. She will be home for christmas so I will get to see her than and we are planning on celebrating our one year shortly after since she won't be home for the actual one year (Jan. 7) I need some ideas on things I could do for her... I want her to go back to school with something she will cherish as neither of us have been with anyone for this long. I will also not be able to see her for two months after she leaves so I really want the time I spend with her to be amazing for the both of us... Any ideas guys...? Thank you so much for answering :)
By invalid_name94 14 years ago :: Dating
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