Is my marriage normal?

I am a 26 years old and I have been married to my wife for almost three years. After we were married she started to gain weight, dressed less sexy, and was not as interested in sex. I thought that she was too stressed so I started doing more chores hoping things would change. Now I do almost all the chores and nothing has changed. After she started taking antidepressants her mood got better, but she still did not have much energy and did not feel like having sex. Sex went from four times a week to usually a very unenergetic once. If I wasn't as young and energetic I think once a week would be enough. Sometimes I feel like things are okay and sometimes I feel like I could do better. Does my marriage seem normal to you? I need to know if things seem normal enough or if I should look elsewhere.
By happy_or_not 15 years ago :: Marriage
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