Would you tell your bestie?

my best friend has been dating his gf for about 8 months and at first I thought she was a pretty cool chick, however over this time Ive found her to be extremely manipulative, controlling, overbearing and has a tendency to tell stories that are completely untrue to make herself look better and perhaps to make it sound like my friend is a lot more in love with her than he really is.

Over the last few weeks things have become even worse, she tells me stories when I see her that sound nothing like what my friend would do or say. The smaller ones ive been able to bring up with him to suss it out - but there are some that i just cant bring myself to bring up.

He doesnt seem all that happy at the moment and Im wondering if I should tell him some of the things she has been saying and what not - or do I just leave it and hope one day he will see it too?!

I know that if I tell him, he will not get defensive or shitty at me for telling him - they are past the 'can do no wrong' stage.

Im only asking because im sick of seeing him unhappy and I just want my best friend back, not my best friend and her.
When we hang out she is always there and makes it quite clear that she is bored then gets shitty, which in turn makes him shitty and then its all gone pete tong!

Would you tell your best friend if you thought their gf/bf was telling fibs behind their back? The stories she tells are almost giving him a bad rap because its just so not him or in his nature!
By SkyHighCrew 15 years ago :: Friends
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