What could be the reason behind my lack of interest in studies .. ?

I am 20 yrs old and I am in university. I remember clearly that uptill I was in school I used to be a very good student. Infact, once we had this IQ test in school and I scored second highest. Back then I used to be really passionate about everything in life. I had a lot of energy but now it seems as if I have grown very old and tired. i have lost interest in almost everything.


when I was in school my mom and dad lived separately (they weren't divorced but lived separately ... my mom didn't divorce bcoz she cudnt support us alone, financially , so she decided to live separately but my dad carried out all my expenses ).

When I was 18 they reunited (bcoz my dad warned my mom that if she didn't let his children live with him he wudn't pay for us) but I think that their reunion has had a very negative impact on me because they still fight and they don't just fight . Because they live with each other , they sometimes hit each other too.
These things really make me feel depressed and i wonder if this is the reason my studies are going down or is it some other reason?

...and plz do give me some advice on how to overcome this situation (if this is the reason behind it) bcoz it's impossible for me to escape from here.

By olive3964 15 years ago :: General
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