is it wrong to joke around? why don't people get that we're just joking?

my friend wantted to volunteer to help the victims of an earthquake. she asked where they will be sleeping when they go there, and i joked that they would have to sleep in a tent. and she started to worry how she was going to iron her clothes. i joked that if she was to busy ironing her clothes, she'd better not go and do volunteer jobs. i did not mean to offend her, but to me, come on, those victims had lose houses and family, and she's just woried about ironing her clothes. after the joke, she was angry at me. she said i was 'degrading' her. she said it was my business if i did not want to volunteer, but don't make her feel bad about herself. to me, i think that it is better for me not going then going and worrying about ironing. if i really wanted to go, i wouldn't have bothered about ironing. in the end, she blamed me becuase i had made her feel so down that she decided not to volunteer. was it my fault she did not go? was it wrong for me to have an opinion?
By 20sgirl 15 years ago :: Friends
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