Its not that hard to save money right? I work full time-he makes twice as much as I do shouldnt it be easier..

So my boyfriend makes a lot of money gambling online, he makes at least double my monthly income in 2-3 weeks. The only problem is that we never save any money. Most of the money is always on a kind of hold- to be "invested" or goes to car repairs (which I know are badly needed) His only excuse for everything is this damn car! He bought a salvaged car a couple months ago and has spent more than 1000 on misc repairs; he blames me for that because I said yeah buy it (I've never owned a car of my own let alone buy one- and he took my advice)
We have a 2 year old son common sense says that we need a savings. I say all the time, how much money have you saved? (answer is always none) and I suggest that he make a certain percentage of all income to go towards savings for our son. He usually gets defensive or says he would if he could- but the car!
I suggested just setting aside $20 and not even counting that as part of his money and saving it- - even $5 or $10 can add up quick. I buy most of the things for our son- except his diapers; his mom usually buys him those most of the time. I pay most of the bills, and take care of all the necessities- including all housework and childcare. He supports all the luxuries- which I could do without, get buy nice things that are nice- but not necessary. Then use those things as an excuse why he can't save $10 out of 200 or 300 that he makes. Or make it seem like he is supporting the family when he pays for something or gives me money for groceries
By collagejen 15 years ago :: Dating
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