What does this mean for our marriage or am I just being hurt and confused for no good reason?

"It was our 25th wedding anniversary last Tuesday so I prepared a delicious 3 course meal, chilled the wine, set the table with candles, placed a beautiful present and card on his plate, etc. He has never forgotten our anniversary before and we have always done something nice on that day, even if it was just something simple - it was always a date to keep special.

However, for some reason I just can't fathom, he forgot that it was even our anniversary date but also that it was our 25th. I'd always had the idea that the 25th would be an occasion to celebrate in a really different way to other anniversaries and assumed the fact that he had not made mention of it beforehand meant that he had a lovely surprise in store for me. But no, it just meant that he'd forgotten.

I am feeling shattered, hurt and still can't quite believe that all he can say is "Oh, I forgot." I feel like the bottom has fallen out of my world and all he does is ....................nothing, as he says he's so embarrassed about forgetting.

Any insight into why he forgot, what to do now and how to get over the hurt would be greatly appreciated.
By kopafield 15 years ago :: Marriage
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