My girlfriend has just started objecting to dumpster sex. Am I being unreasonable, or is she?

We have been dating for seven months now, and have been sleeping together for six of those months. Both of us get off on having sex in public places, and our favorite spot has always been in a dumpster. Lately, though, Paula refuses to have sex with me in dumpsters. She doesn't mind having sex elsewhere, so I know that it's not a lack of interest in sex itself... which I think I could understand better.

The problem is that I just can't get off anywhere as well as I can in the dumpster! God, the flies and the trashbags, and the warm squishiness... there's no way to replicate it. But lately Paula has started saying that it's disgusting and that she doesn't want to have sex in dumpsters anymore (and I even offered to do it in the furniture store dumpsters, and their trash isn't gross at all - just chairs and stuff, and once a really plush sofa... good memories). She always wants to have sex with me at home or somewhere more vanilla, and she won't listen to me when I try to explain that this doesn't get me off at all.

I think she's being really selfish. She knows that I can't get off anywhere but in a dumpster (or other public spot!) but she refuses to have sex with me there. I think it might be because the last time we had dumpster sex, a hobo happened to see us and wanted to join in (and I so would have let him, because he wasn't all that smelly...) and she freaked out and got really embarrassed.

I think she's being really unreasonable here, and totally ignoring my needs. I mean, a girl's gotta get off where a girl's gotta get off! You know what I mean?
By cindy 15 years ago :: Dating
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