I am 12 yrs younger then my other and they are not willing to have another child should i push the issue?

I have been with this person for 11 years married for 3 and we have 1 child together . They have a child from a relationship prior to us getting together who not only is weird but has a strained relationship with me because they have very poor social skills. I recently brought the idea of having another baby up and my other flat out said NO. Claims they are to old to be starting over and really just wants to enjoy their life without a new little one. i then explained how i felt that was unfair cause i was not as old as they are and really want my little one to have a sibling they could be close with. I know how i feel but I also know how i would feel if someone asked me to have another child that late in the game. all i have ever dreamed of is having a big family with someone who wanted the same thing now after 11 years i feel like i have picked the wrong partner . Part of me want to just leave it alone but the other half wants to what i want. And the other half says i may have to just move on in general.
By Hypothetical 15 years ago :: General
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