I accused her of being mad at me, tell me if I am right or wrong please.

So me and my girlfriend have been together 7 months now, and I love her so much and want to spend my time and money on her alll the time. I recently got her new shoes, nike shox that were nearly 100 dollars, so that she can look good and not have feet pain. So she works at a clothing store and worked a long shift and was in pain... So i told her i could give her a massage and she says "You always say you will but you never do" so i said back "All i need is a simple reminder" and her reply back "i shouldnt have to give you reminders" Now i am a busy guy and have a ton of things to remember, i give her massages often but thats just like when we are cuddling. So I told her that and i told her if you want to be mad or fight, go ahead because she always does this to me. If i tell her one thing and cant do it, i usually do something else. I couldnt get her a new phone for her birthday so i got the shoes. I got her a diomond necklace randomly just to show her that I love her. I try my best but all I get no slack at all.
By MarkyMark 15 years ago :: Dating
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