A mans opinion please!! Or a woman's if you can relate!! Is this normal of men?

I would like honest opinions of from other men if this is normal & from women if they have dealt with this before. I have been married for 16 + years & before anyone asks - I have complete trust in my husband. I have never questioned my husbands love for me, he shows me all the time just how much he loves me. He doesn't watch porn. He is always where he says he's going to be, so there is no question about any infidelity. Just wanted to make that clear before I ask this question.

I understand that when making love, missionary can get rather boring. I'm up for different positions & playing around. What I'm having a problem understanding is that some of the things he would like to do just don't seem inviting on my end. He likes to do anal penetration (& yes - we have done that) although not as often as he would like. When I tell him no to that, he always has other suggestions such as; he would like to cum on the area, on my breasts, or he says just swallow. He will tell me we need to add some spice, I'm sorry, but the spice is either in me, to me, or on me. He doesn't get mad when I say no, but tells me I need to lighten up. Am I being a prude? Or is he asking too much?

I have wondered about this question for many years as it is nothing new. Since I am new to this site, I thought this would be the perfect place to ask a question like this.

By Just_Wondering 15 years ago :: General
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