should I stay or leave?

i am 20 years old, living in and my girlfriend been together for almost 2 years...
when we first met, i told her that i want to brake up,, she didnt let me,, it went on like this for few months, and it destroyed my life.. after that, i decided to settle with her, but i told her u r going to be in the same situation later on...
and thats what exactley happened,,, after my feelings adjusted to her (loved her more than anything), i started loving her seriously,, then few months ago, she wanted to leave me,, but I didnt let her do it...because by then, i was sooo attached to her,, and we become very close to eachother..

eversince that day, i have been feeling down everytime i hear her voice and even seen her.when i am away from her i feel better,, but when we get in contact with each-other, i feel down and get in a shit mood.

need help please

By koob 15 years ago :: Marriage
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