I need advice like who is wrong over here and what i should do

Hi, im writing abt my friend and his family right now. They dont know abt this but im helping my friend over here. Well, you see, my friend's brother has a special medical condition such that he cannot particpate in strenuous sports that will make his heart beat too fast, if not he will get a heart attack. As such, his parents have banned him and protected him from all sorts of sports, and hence his sports future is somewhat gone. My friend's brother is quite talented in chess, but he doesnt like the game and does not want to make it a hobby. But his parents just insist that he must play it cos he is good at it. I know that parents want the best for their kids, but i find this overboard cos the child doesnt like this hobby. My friend has tried talking to his parents that there is no use making someone do something he doesnt like, no matter how much potential he has, but his parents just insist that this is his platform to shine and they keep pushing his brother, and they keep saying that my friend is just making negative comments and they blame my friend saying that he is the one to made his brother lose interest. Though my friend says that my brother should not do chess because he lost interest, he does try to make his brother gain the interest in chess, but up to no avail. who do you think is wrong over here>?
By MysticalPack 15 years ago :: General
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