I am so confused, i need help/advice BAD.

I have been with my bf for almost 2yrs now and i love him and know i want to be with him on the long run. HOWEVER, he recently got into some trouble and got locked up for 4yrs ( he is going to appeal tho so might be lesser) because of this my parents hate him and so does all his friends,

i feel so confused, should i wait for him and be there for him? or take the easy way out. i do love him and made so many promises to him, but i know if i leave him, he would break down at a time like this.

he is a good guy who dosent drink or smoke or even get parking or speeding fines, but because of one stupid mistake where his anger took over... :(

its already been 5 months..
By mzthang 15 years ago :: Dating
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