Girls and their games? What to do?

About three weeks ago my girlfriend and I of 6 months broke up for several different reasons. I wasn't in a good place due to a broken back and consequently not being able to work and having to live with my parents ( I am 25). Which then turned it into a long distance relationship. She was in school and stressed out for those reasons herself. On top of that she isn't the best communicator, and typically she'll run away from problems then come back, run away, come back....

Essentially we both were taking frustrations out on each other and in her words "I think its the best thing for right now." I actually agreed and told her I understood and that I am sincerely sorry that I wasn't in a place to truely love her. I do love this girl more than anything and she has said the same, and has shown me that feeling too.

My question is in need of third party opinions. We ended our relationship easily. And we agreed to be friends in the LONG term. But for right now we needed to focus on ourselves. I haven't tried to contact her since the break up, except once because she left her school flash drive in my car and I needed the address to mail it off. She has IMed me at least once a week to chat with me. And the other day she put up a weird facebook status of basically "I need you, you are back in my heart" and changed her picture to one of her favorites that I took of her. That same day everytime I was online she would IM me again just to talk to me.

My question is what to do from here. I would love her back, but I don't want to be that "needy" guy because I'm not anymore (back is healed and going back to school). Do I make the first move to see what she is feeling? Remember, she doesn't communicate well. Or do I still go with the no contact? Essentially I am not in the mood to play games and I am keen on calling her and asking her bluntly whats up. We agreed to focus on ourselves, and yet she is dropping all this "hints" that she wants to get back together. I don't want to push her away, i love her and means the world; but i can't be dangling on this string either.

Thanks for your time people, greatly appreciated!
By boofinmc 15 years ago :: Dating
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