Confused, hurt, and no idea what to do next.

Three weeks ago my girlfriend and I of 6 months broke up; her doing. We have had some issues the biggest being that she doesn't communicate and I have been needy. The reason for the need is because I became injured a month into our relationship, couldn't work, had to live with my parents (I'm 27). I was unable to live my own life, and I was putting the pressure onto her when she already had pressure from her own life and school.

We had a very mutual breakup, only to the point of that I understood why she wanted to break up and her words were "I think its for the best right now." I haven't tried to contact her at all, but she has been contacting me at least once a week. The other day she changed her facebook picture to one of her favorites that I took of her, had a status message of that "I need you" and IMed me several times that day.

She has in the past run back to an ex boyfriend whenever she felt lonely, is a horrible communicator, but I know that she was completely serious and in love with me.

My question that I pose is what do I do. Do I keep going on about my life and move on? Talk to her and ask her what she wants and needs from me which seems like would put pressure on her and would make her back up again. She has been dropping hints that she has been missing me - but I refuse to be played on strings and the "fall back" guy. I don't want to push her away, but my gut feeling is that I will need to make the first move if I want her back. My gut is telling me that we could work things out....but between her communication skills, me getting back on my feet from my injury and the next 4 months of being long distance. I just don't know.

To sum I make the first step or just keep moving on and if she figures out that she does really want to be with me then she'll know how to reach me? That and is it fine to keep letting her know that I am thinking about her, the same way she keeps letting me know that she is thinking about me?

(sorry for the rambling in parts...)
By boofinmc 15 years ago :: Dating
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