Should my ex-wife contribute to the cost of schools and associated school expences i.e: uniforms, shoes & fees

My ex-wife left in Nov 2005. To cut an extremely long story short, I got custody of my eldest son in 2007. I took her back to court again due to my other two children's wishes this year and was awarded joint custody, 50% each, week on week off.

Due to the fact that when my ex left, she went interstate with the children and now has to return to the original state with the children.

In the time she lived interstate, her mother and father (Very rich people) took it on themselves to pay for the children's schooling. When my eldest son came to live with me, they cut him off completely and now they are doing the same to my younger two as well. This I do not have a problem with as I never wanted anything from then at all nor did I ever ask.

The issue is, now that the children are coming back I would like them to go to a good school, but I am only bringing in my own income and in the entire time we were seperated I paid child support the entire time, never missed a payment nor will I, almost $1000.00 per month for 18 months.

My ex tells me that since she is moving back, her parents won't support her in anyway, (What a shame). I have told her that this is not my concern and that she needs to help towards the cost for the children's schooling, but she says straight out that she cannot as she has no money and no job and won't be able to.

What do I do?
By adeyos 16 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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