I left my girlfriend back in June... ending an 8 month relationship. I broke up with her because of her inability to be transparent, closed off, and she dropped the ball on a conversation I brought up about having children (She's 46 and basically told her that I was ok with exploring other options). So she's hurt and said hurtful things to me. I stay away from Jun to Sept (3 mo.). Since then until Dec 22nd, I've been pretty unsuccessful at trying to win her back. There was no cheating or infidelity of any sort. She raves over how good everything was, but I think she just can't get past a breakup. My time period I set for myself ended by sending her a nice dress and pair of earrings. I put a lot of thought and effort into this Christmas gift and all I get a text msg saying "Merry Chirstmas. Hope your family had a wonderful day. Thank you for the lovely gifts. My sister and I are going to the movies to get that horrible game..." And then it cuts off. I don't know. I think Its the laziest, inappropriate, and tackiest way of saying thank you I've ever received. How should I respond? In what manner should I respond? Not taking any of this into 2010. sigh, and as soon as I start seeing someone else (of a high enough stature), her ass is going to want me back. I am hurting because everyone deserves a second chance. And she's been very unforgiving. This 3 months of me opening back up to her, persuing her, she's used to just get her power back. My hope is exhausted.
By Mrkarmel 15 years ago :: Dating
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