Can happiness exist from a relationship between an highly liberal child and a Christian conservative parent?

It is expected, from standards of common sense and respect, to follow the rules of another man's land (or home as this case be be)

but is not the question. I have long since moved and have moved on.

but as I browse this forum I am aghast as the scenarios of

my daughter's too rebellious

"my son smokes pot"

"my daughter's a whore"

"my dad hates wont buy me goldeneye since watching news reports of columbine" (this actually happened to me, and the number one reason why the columbine incident upset me so much)

"my mom wont let me do"....bla bla bla..

and most grueling aspect of reading these stories is that Ive been in a lot of these folk's shoes.

but as I said I have moved on, but reading these posts reminded me of how tenuous my very own "child/parent" relationship had been

today I just received a phone call from my mother inquiring about how much money I had in my bank account, if I was sober, if I was this, or if I was that, if I was watching my food intake or if I was fat....

the endless list of drivel goes on.
I don't fault her or choose to complain.
amidst the torrential hailstorm of walmart-pre-employment-quiz esqe
verbage I recieved news that she had placed an extra 100 dollars in my bank account.
anyone who gives me money (even 5 dollars) is given permission to trample over me. my mom is no exception.

but after the phone call I was still slightly frightened.
I moved out and it really work.

well it did work in the sense that now have a beautiful spacious apartment in Spokane, with a roommate who has set up a home studio. (I'm a piano player/singer so its nice to create tracks on his gear)

but did I really establish my manhood when it came to my parents? especially my mother?

my roommate smokes a metric $hitton of herb every week, and supports gay rights and drives a prius with an obama sticker on the back side.

but he is also an MD, a chemist, and holds a computer science degree.
where does he stand if some of his actions stand against what me ancestry deems as "righteous" and "saintlike"

where do I stand, a 20 yr old singer/songwriter who parties like a rockstar and
would sooner amputate my own limbs than step foot in a church.

which leads me to my ultimate inquiry to the fine users of "side taker"

Can REAL happiness ever truly exist from a relationship between an extremely liberal child and a fundamentally Christian, conservative parent?
By miliefisathand 12 years ago :: Parent/Child
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