Do I Need To Be Concerned For The Safety Of My Child ?

I moved from another state, to the other side of the country, so that my young son could have a relationship with his father. His father pays no child support, and says he has no money, so I deliver our son to him for each visit. I also feel I need to mention that his father suffers untreated anxiety and depression and has attempted suicide more than 6 times.

For 3 months the visits have been going fine, but our son (Lachlan) has started either not wanting to visit his Dad, or not go all together.

The last visit was planned that it would be 4 days instead of 2, due to holidays, but come the second day, Lachlan wanted to come home.

His father rang me and stacked on a turn, saying Lachlan is nothing but a mummys boy, and said he wants me to pick him up straight away. I explained to him that Lachlan is still very young, and probably does have emotional ties to me still, but as he gets older, he will most likely look for his father more. He couldn't have cared less about that and just wanted him out of his house, which I felt was pretty childish.

When I got there his father was in a foul mood, he didn't say goodbye to Lachlan, he was just sulking like a child.

After an hour or so of being home, Lachlan told me that his father had told him "don't ever come back to my house again".

Do you think I need to be concerned for my childs welfare ? Or am I over worrying ?
By Bundii 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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