Should men be allowed to be stay-at-home Dads?

I ran into a friend of mine when she was arriving home after picking up her toddler at day care. Her car trunk was filled with groceries, it was 6PM and her second work shift was only beginning. She looked exhausted and told me " God, I need a wife!"
We got together afterwards and talked about how difficult it was for women to achieve success in their careers. We came to the the conclusion that every high achieving man we knew was successful because someone else was looking after the details of everyday life ie, childcare, laundry, groceries, meals ect...
We figured that the proverbial "glass ceiling" would be higher if women had the same support at home then men had.

That was over twenty years ago!!!!
Here we are on the eve of 2010, and there are finally men willing to put personal ambition aside and stay home to care for children and enable their spouse to pursue a career. Yet, as I 've seen in recent posts, women label them as losers!

THUD! that's the sound of our heads on that glass ceiling, unless we're willing to let our men help us.
By julie62 15 years ago :: General
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