how should i make my husband to get over alcoholism?

we are happily married since 11yrs. in the beganing of our married life my husband was an occassional drinker, and we use to live with my mother and sisters. since last three years we are living seperately and we dont have any children. now gradually my husband's frequency of taking alcohol is increasing. previously he use to consume alcohol once a week on his off day, but then gradually he started after every 2 days with one or the other excuse and now it has bacome a daily affair. everyday he has one or the other excuse to drink. i am trying to make him understand the bad effects of drinking on his health as he is every day having one or the other physical problem also our sex life has also gone for a six. now we seldom have sex may be once in two month or so because most of the time he is drunk.
By uteeg 14 years ago :: Marriage
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