Should I leave my boyfriend/husband or am I being selfish of wanting a different life?

I have been with my boyfriend for about 6 years. We have a four year old and I love my family. But i 've been thinking about leaving my boyfriend. I'm 22 and I really want something more. Recently I've been attracted to someone else and would like to hang more with my friends. I don't have any siblings and my girlfriends are like sisters to me and basically I can't do anything with them because he wants me at home and doesn't think women with a child should be out. I've recently planned a trip to go to vegas then to new york. I mean I want to do more stuff. And being with him I just can't. And I mean I've been shut down that now I'm attracted to someone else and well sex with him is not the same. Am I being selfish for wanting more or should I leave him and do my own thing for once please comment me?
By alitina 14 years ago :: Marriage
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