Who's at fault for the New Year's Day no show?

Mom, her boyfriend, my brother and I were invited out to a relative's house today (New Year's Day) Mom wasn't feeling well on New Year's Eve, and on New Year's Day, she still wasn't feeling well, but got up about 7:00 a.m., cleaned the kitchen for 2 hours, made a lot of noise and woke me up after I only got about 3 hours sleep. About 12:00 p.m. she proceeded to get dressed, and I asked her if she really wanted to go to my relative's house since she did not feel well. She said, of course she is going, because so much food was ordered (other guests were invited). I told her I would stay home because I was exhausted from lack of sleep, but then Mom said she wouldn't go to the dinner either, she was only going because I was going. I told her she was invited with her boyfriend, it had nothing to do with me going or not. Since Mom stayed home, her boyfriend stayed home and so did my brother and his kids, so now I feel that I caused five people to stay home and I feel guilty. When Mom called this afternoon to cancel my relative told us about all the food she ordered because she was expecting all of us. I thought Mom should have gone as she planned to since she got dressed to go (I was too tired to even get dressed) , even if it was just to drop off the desserts we were supposed to bring and just stay a little while and then come home (it's only a 15 minute drive). My brother would not have driven there just to bring the desserts.

About 5:00 p.m., my mother goes out to drive her boyfriend home so I said, "
you don't feel well but you are going out in this cold night air, but you couldn't go out earlier in the afternoon to drop the desserts off." I offered to drive her boyfriend home but she said no, she went, but she came back home, probably because I complained about her going out.

We both aren't speaking now, but I don't think Mom handled the situation fairly, and I feel bad for my relative. What does everyone else think?
By jeena 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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