Was my mother wrong in letting the hampster run across the table?

I can't believe that I am posting this, but here goes. I cooked yesterday for New Years Day. Had a large meal, and set a pretty formal tabble. I had already placed down the deserts and was making the coffee when my son decided to bring out the hamster. My mom decided that it would be fun to see what he hamspter would eat and let in run free on the table. We used to do this when we were younder, but never at at holiday meal when it was people other than immediate family. My Sister-in-law is not an animal lover to begin with and my hyusband went crazy when the hampster was already sitting in the cookie plate. He grabbed up the hamster and shje go put bak in her cage. Of course I know that I will hear it from my mother that it was my husband who was overacting. He grabbed the hamster and said "What is wrong with you people?" I was in the kitchen making the coffee when this whole inicident happend?
By Mary323 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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