How is it possible to walk in to the Dr.'s office with pelvic pain and leave with prozac?

Hello, I am pretty healthy 31 year old women. A couple weeks ago I started experiencing pretty uncomfortable cramps. I was about to get my period, so I didn't pay much attention. However, they did not go away and only become more uncomfortable. Immediately I made an appointment with my gyno and went right away. She did all the usual "fun" stuff, ordered an antibiotic, some pain pills, and scheduled an ultrasound. Over the long weekend everything still continued and I also started vomitting. The gyno personally called me on Monday and reported my cultures and ultrasound results were perfect, and to see my family Dr. as soon as I could. I totally agreed.

First available appointment I took and went 20min. early, this was the next day. I told the Dr. every thing that has been going on. As soon as I was done, he looked right in my face and said "what do you want me to do about it ?"
I have no idea what to do about it and could not believe he asked me such a thing. I started crying. I have been so sore I can hardly get through the day. I hate pain, and I hate medicine. I came to the Dr. to figure out what the hell is the matter with me, because something is not right. Immediately, he said I need prozac. I was pissed which made me more upset and made me cry more. He did one test and that was to see maybe if my uterus was dropping, but he only did that to pacify me.

I came home and settled down a little bit and then I called the office and asked the nurse since when do they prescribe prozac for pelvic pain. She transferred me to adminastration and they were checking into it and would call me back.
At the end of the day, they did call and said that there shouldn't be a problem, because the Dr. was just agreeing with the Gyno's diagnosis. I told them they did not know, that is why they told me to go to the family Dr. They then told me that my labs show an infection and thats why I have the antiobiotics.(I took the medicine they prescribed to the appt. with me so they knew exactly what I was taking.) I replied "what labs?" They did not do any labs. He asked why I was taking the antibiotic, and I said that the gyno prescribed it with an idea of what I may have and to get started on it. I did not have any infection at all according to the pap results that came in on Monday.

So, I guess my problem is what the f is going on here. I am going to another Dr., but I have never heard of such a thing in my life. If that Dr. would have handed me that prescription instead of sending it over the internet, I would have thrown it at him. I am so mad. I have insurance, but I still have a co-pay and I have a crappy prescription plan. I have paid 3 copayments in a week and $80 in pills. Now I will have to go back for more crap and more money that I just don't have. Did I do the right thing by calling the office, or can someone offer some advice on this situation? I do not even know where to start at. Thank You, I know this situation may be a little odd.
By litts 15 years ago :: General
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