Should I leave my husband? Lost respect....

Married 23 years, mostly happy. But for the past year I am really having a hard time respecting my husband. As with many people he was layed off a year ago. This is not the reason I am frustrated, its his lack of desire to return to work. He wont look for a job, i gave him two numbers to call - asked several days in a row, still no call. I would completely support him as long as he was trying. I am working 12 hr days and not getting help around the house. Simple things like cooking dinner - he may do that once a month. Its at the point now that he sleeps on the couch. He has become more of a roommate then a soul mate. I have tried to talk to him, he just doesnt get it. Im at the point I think we need a break. But we have a lot invested in this relationship - confused... Any help would be appriciated.
By confusedwife 14 years ago :: Marriage
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