I was told you do not stand out in the crowd.

I was talking to my boyfriend, we do not get on. he never compliments me, does not call me or send me text.

we have been going out for 2 years and it has been a rocky relationship, with me wanting to end it all the time.

I was telling him that many years ago, I worked with a hunk whom all girls had a crush on. then I accidently said "If I see him again"

then I said a guy said that I stand out in the crowd.

He replied "no, you do not stand out in the crowd, you are only 5 feet tall, the only thing you would stand out in the crowd is your personality and nothing else".

As he has not complimented me, yet he has pointed out a woman to me once and said she was beautiful and when we watch tv, he refer to women as gorgeous and to die for.

Once I challenged him as to why does he not compliment me, he said inner beauty is more important but does he refer to other women as gorgeous and to die for?

Am I wrong? I do get jealous, if he paid me compliment, I would not feel that way that much, but I think he refers to me as me being ugly.

Another time I said my male friends said I was the best looking out of my female friends, he stopped me and said my male friends are only being kind to me, and I am not the best looking one out of all of my female friends.

Please do not think I am vein, but as a woman I feel that he should compliment me and if he does not find me attractive, he should leave me and find these glamorous ladies. I will never be Julia Roberts or these women on tv. most of them are beautiful but some are airbrushed to look more beautiful . I for myself have enough beauty to attract men. I do not need men's attention, I need inner peace, but I know that I am attractive as I get attention from men. But most importantly I need attention and compliment from him not men in the supermarket or out. but my boyfriend does not understand me. and he says he does not need to compliment me.
By tarana 14 years ago :: General
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