It's been 15 months since we broke up and still not getting any. At this point should I pay for sex??

I haven't been able to get any kind of play since my girlfriend broke up with me. I go to bars to try and pick up girls (I'm super shy but when I drink I open up), I chat online trying to meet people, I've been set up by other friends that led nowehre, and I've even begged my ex who has been through another boyfriend in this time.

I am at the point where my hand is ready to fall off. I never thought about getting a hooker other than a joke, but I am seriously considering it just to get a fix. This is the longest I've gone since I started having sex. What do you think? Wait it out or not? I'm just worried if I wait it out, it might be another 15 months!
By addict 15 years ago :: General
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