Is what I did considered cheating?

I've been seeing a girl for about a month. She moved 2 hours away and we now only see each other once every week or two. She has told me that she likes me, but because she is so far away and because she has just split with her ex she is not looking to get serious. She has said that if I meet someone (or vise versa) it won't be a big deal. She still wants to see me though, and she treats me like a guy she wants to be with. She bought me a scarf for xmas and sends me sweet texts telling me to dress warm because it's cold or that she misses me almost daily. When we are together we're inseparable. Next weekend I'm supposed to go visit her and stay over (our first night together).

Here is my dilemma. I have since met someone else who I had sex with yesterday. I'm not sure how i feel about the person i slept with. I enjoyed the sex, but don't want to get very serious with them at this time. I care about both women but I think I prefer being with the one that I originally started seeing. I feel really confused. I don't want to hurt anybody.

I have this guilty feeling for having sex with the second girl. I feel like I cheated on the first girl even though I'm not in an exclusive relationship with her. Is that weird? Did I cheat? If I go to visit the first girl and we have sex am I then cheating on girl #2? Good Lord!

Neither of the women know about each other. I've never conveyed to either that I want to have anything more from them other than to see where things go naturally. From what I gather neither of them are seeing anyone else but they could be. I don't know either of them very well.
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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