Stuck at my parents house what can i do?

I been living with my parents since i was born, im unemployed and have been for little over a year now, with no chance of finding work as i have no transport i love at least 3 miles from any town or local bus route, each employer says im not skilled enough or just plain ignores me ive even tried traing with the jobcentre adn that backfired becoz i had to move. I have about £700 quid saved from selling all my jewelry so im ok for a while with money but ive recently just got engaged to my gf or 2 years and this is it.

im sick of having to go by my parents rules, stupid things like dont use the cooker coz its new, give me a weeks notice when you fiance is coming over for dinner, dont spend your money coz we said so...blah blah!... i need some suggestions on how to get out of the house, find work and start living my life with my fiance.
By 14 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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