How to get her to stop?

Theres this girl that likes me. I really dont like her being completely honest. Were not even friends, we hang out with different people, were completely different. But anyway she likes me and i tried to reject her nicely but it didn't work, i got p*ssed off at her for acting all casually manipulative and the conversation kinda turned into me saying she has such a low self esteem and no-one likes a girl like that (it's true about her though). Anyway she said she'll make it her new yrs resolution to be less depressed. Well I got even more p*ssed about her acting all casual when shes hiding her feelings and it ended in her saying she wouldnt talk to me again. Then today she txted me saying she missed talking 2 me and said that our conversation helped her realize stuff about her she didn't know. Now she likes me more when all I was trying to do was get her to stop liking me and stop talking to me. What do I do?
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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